Reasons Why You Should Take Care of Your Chimney

Animals can unfortunately get caught in your chimney sometimes. If a bird, raccoon or even a family pet gets caught in the chimney you will need to call a professional to have it removed safely. If it is left to die in the chimney it can cause serious health hazards to anyone inside the home as well as blockage inside the chimney.

While a rain cap or a chimney cap is not necessary, it is highly recommended. They are created to prevent any rainfall from getting inside your chimney. Rain can cause firebox rusting and damper which can lead to costly repairs. Chimney caps can also keep branches, leaves and animals from getting inside the chimney and causing any hazardous blockages. We think that their cabinet refacing Long Island facility did a fantastic job redoing our cabinets, and all for a small cost.

If you notice that the joints are crumbling, soft or even missing between the bricks, your chimney will need repointing. When this problem is repaired sooner than later; it can prevent a more serious problem down the line. Sometimes only a portion of your chimney will need to be repointed.

A nassau county home inspector can find any pre-existing issues in a chimney or any part of a home you are considering purchasing. Don’t buy a house without first having a licensed professional engineer inspect it for any problems. You don’t want to move into a house only to find out the cesspool system doesn’t work.

fire-551665_1280If you see loose bricks and minor cracks in the chimney you should call a professional to get it repaired as soon as possible. Once the chimney has been repaired it is a good idea to also think about having it waterproofed to prevent any recurring problems.

After waterproofing a chimney, power washing the exterior is a could be a good idea to keep your chimney looking presentable. However, consider that the age of your chimney is important: a heavier wash could still damage the brick of older or weaker chimneys. If you decide upon on cleaning your chimney this way, make sure you have a certified power washer in charge of the project.

The copper or lead that surrounds the bottom of the chimney is called the flashing. When it is not attached properly, it will allow rainwater and other elements to enter into the home and cause damage. Sometimes it is a simple task to repair the flashing and sometimes it can end up being a very extensive task. For help installing an electric fireplace, contact electrician Bethpage.

Oftentimes the area around the fireplace needs to be restored. A damaged firebox can be restored to a gas fireplace or even into a fully functioning wood burning fireplace. In case your fire gets out of control, make sure you have a reliable fire suppression system in New York City.

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If the smoke chamber needs to be fixed, call a professional in order to ensure safety. The smoke chamber is located right above the fireplace hearth. If you are experiencing smoke problems from your fireplace as well, it is a good idea to hire a professional to resolve the problem. If you have not had the chimney cleaned in over a year, you should hire a professional to do a chimney sweep. It is important to take care of any problems or concerns you may have as soon as possible to avoid any further damage or hazardous risks.